Darkzone Free Passes and Vouchers

We have a few simple conditions on our gift cards and vouchers.

Darkzone free passes and vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be refunded when purchased as a gift.

Darkzone free passes and vouchers can only be used for the specified session on the free pass and voucher. For instance, if the card says “1 free game”, the free pass is for one standard game of laser tag. If the card says “10 person Super Session”, the pass is for 10 people for a Super Session booking.

Darkzone free passes and vouchers must be used all at the one time and cannot be split into multiple sessions.

Darkzone free passes and vouchers cannot be used for a booking other than what is specified on the pass or voucher. For example, a free game pass is for a standard game of laser tag and cannot be used to reduce the cost of a birthday or any other booking. ‘20% off your next birthday’ will only apply to a birthday booking.

Darkzone free passes and vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with other offers and discounts. For example a free game pass cannot be used in conjunction with a buy-one-get-one-free voucher.

Darkzone free passes and vouchers will have an expiry listed on the card. This expiry is final and cannot be extended. Typically these are 6 and 12 months.

Darkzone free passes must have the name of and be signed by a Darkzone supervisor. Without this signature, the free pass is not valid.

Deposits, Refunds and Cancellation

Darkzone requires deposits for most bookings. This deposit is to secure the timeslot and numbers for your booking. We understand that life happens, and sometimes plans change. Recognising this, if you provide us with enough notice, deposits are transferrable to another booking of any type.

For example, if you have paid a $100 deposit on a birthday party and something comes up that prevents you from making that date, just give us a call and we can usually shift the party to another date, or you can come in for some games. We will not refund a deposit within 14 days of your booking start time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

We’ll always be fair and reasonable when it comes to managing these sorts of issues. That being said, we do have to put staff on for sessions and bookings. If you cancel within 48 hours of your booking start time we reserve the right to refuse a transfer of the deposit. This is to cover the costs associated with scheduling staff and the loss of income.

There are only a few circumstances where we will provide a refund. For example, in the unlikely event that our system goes down and you are unable to play, we would issue a refund, or a discount on another session should you choose. We don’t issue refunds for service issues; however, we are more than happy to have a conversation to sort any issues that do arise.