Private Functions

Have you considered Darkzone for your next get-together, 18th, 21st, bar/bat mitzvah, work function or university event?

Private Bookings are a terrific way to host a private event or get together and means our entire centre is closed to the public for the duration of your event. These bookings have a maximum of 76 people, and we can run up to 40 people in one game at a time. Our Arcades are available to all players for the duration of the event. (This does not include Virtual Reality)

Peak times:                 Friday 4:00pm – Sunday 8:00pm, and any booking time outside of standard operating hours.

Off-peak times:          All other times

Please note school holidays and public holidays are considered as peak times.


Booking Time Price
Private 1 Hour Peak  $450.00
Private 1 Hour Off-Peak  $350.00
Private 2 Hour Peak  $800.00
Private 2 Hour Off-Peak  $600.00

*Please note: It is often difficult to make a private event booking between 10am – 6pm on weekends due to the high quantity of birthday parties run during this period


Private Bookings greater than 2 hours as well as discount fundraising and youth sessions are available – contact Darkzone for more details. All prices are flat rates, and a $200.00 deposit is required to secure your booking.


Late Night Lock In sessions are private lock in events that start at 8:00pm and finish at 12:00am. It’s a fantastic way to play a wide variety of game formats in a safe and fun environment. They can be booked any Friday and Saturday, with other nights possible by request. We allow up to 40 players per game, sessions with more than 40 players will require players to have a break between games. Our Freeplay Arcades are available to all players for the duration of the event.


Session Players Price
Late Night Lock In 20-40  $40.00pp
40-80  $30.00pp

Please note there is a minimum of 20 people to run a late night lock in.  A $400.00 deposit is required to secure your booking.


Darkzone is alcohol free and patrons suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to participate in laser tag.

Catering Packages

Catering packages can be added to any Private event at Darkzone, and can work out to be only $2.50 per head!

Package Price (Flat Rate)
Catering Package #1 – 10 pizzas & 4 jugs of soft drink $100 This package is usually suitable for up to 40 people
Catering Package #2 – 20 pizzas & 8 jugs of soft drink $200 This package is usually suitable for up to 80 people
Party Room Hire  $50 per 30 min
Individual Pizzas $10 each
BYO Food and Drink No Cost

You are welcome to bring additional snacks on the day. We have fridges and freezers available for your use.

Darkzone is not legally allowed to heat or reheat external food and we do not possess any liquor license, prior intoxicated patrons will not be permitted entrance to the laser tag arena.