Laser Tag games start every 15 minutes, with up to 40 players per game. Games are 12 minutes long, and players wanting to play multiple games are required to have a 15 minute break in between games.

We ask that you arrive no later than 15 minutes before the start of your first game to allow time for your pre-game briefing.

  • Member prices are 15% off! Membership is free and you can sign up in store.

Individual Games

Number of Games Price Member Price
1 Laser Game $12.50 $10.50
2 Laser Games + 15 mins of arcades $24.00 $20.00

Power Pack

The Power Pack includes access to over 30 freeplay arcade games including Daytona, Point Blank, Metal Slug, Air Hockey & Foosball during your 15 minute game breaks.

Pass Type What’s Included Duration Price Member Price
Power Pack 4 x Laser Tag +1 hour of arcades 2 Hours $32.50 $27.50
Power Pack PLUS 6 x Laser Tag + 1.5 hours of arcades 3 Hours $40.00 $34.00

Super Session

Super Sessions are set session times which can make as a great group booking or alternative to birthday parties. Included is 4 Games of Laser Tag and 4 sessions in the Freeplay Games Arcade!

Session Times

  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday Night:          6:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday Morning:    10:00am – midday
  • Public Holidays:                                         All day
Session Price Member Price
Super Session  $25.00 $21.00

Superpower Pack

Superpower Pack are set session times which are great for people who lover laser tag. Included is 6 Games of Laser Tag and 6 sessions in the Freeplay Games Arcade!

Session Times

  • Friday & Saturday Night:          6:00pm – 9:00pm
Session Price Member Price
Super Session  $35.00 $29.50

Ultimate Vision

Merging the best of what Darkzone has to offer with Laser Tag, Arcades and Virtual Reality. A  package that truly has it all. Mixed reality has a max of 4 people per booking. Ultimate reality can be booked up to 8 people.

Note: VR has a height restriction of 140cm-190cm.

Pass Type What’s Included Duration Price
Mixed Reality 1x Laser Tag + 30min arcades + 15min VR session 1 Hour $25.00
Ultimate Reality 2x Laser Tag + 1 hour of arcades + 30min VR session 2 Hours $45.00

Daily Deals

If you have a Darkzone Membership card – enjoy these weekday specials!

Membership is free for a limited time – so get yours in-store!

Monday – Epic Reality All day

On Mondays all day we have 30minutes VR and 30minutes Arcades for $20.00 per person. Enjoy 1hour of games, with 20 different VR games and 30 different Arcade types, sure to satisfy all your gaming needs!

Monday – Darkzone Laser League

Test your mettle against the best!

Our League Night starts off with some warm up training at 6.30pm. Games commence at 7pm and usually finish up at about 9pm. League night is ideal for anyone who wants a challenge or is looking to improve their skills. $15 a night.

Sign up in store or on our Darkzone Box Hill League Facebook page.

Tuesday – Half Price Tuesday

Half price Tuesday runs ALL DAY Tuesdays. Members receive 50% off normal price instead of the 15% off normal price. Get 2 Games for $12.00,  3 Games for $15.00, Power Pack for $16.00 and Power Pack Plus $20.00.

Wednesday – Student/Concession Night

On Wednesday present your Student/Concession card for $20 unlimited activities between 6pm-8pm. Not including VR, bookings are a must and subject to availability.

Thursday – Fun Overload

Thursday night fun with $30 unlimited activities between 5pm-9pm. Not including VR, bookings are a must and subject to availability.

Friday – Final Hour

An hour long game for the price of one game $12.50! Can you last the Final Hour? Between 11pm & 12am.


Session Price
Monday – Darkzone Laser League $15
Half price Tuesday* 2 Games for $12.00,  3 games for $15.00, Power Pack $16.00, Power Pack Plus for $20.00
Wednesday – Student/Concession Night $20 unlimited activities between 6pm-8pm
Thursday – Fun Overload $30 unlimited activities between 5pm-9pm
Friday – Final Hour $12.50

* Half price Tuesdays don’t run on school or public holidays. It also doesn’t include birthday parties, or private bookings.